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Blue Print Leadership Program

This leadership program is conducted in 6 sessions. It is designed to create the blueprint for youth to become managers of their dreams and aspirations.  Participants in the program learn to implement concrete tools to develop effective communication techniques, career strategies, character development, good money management styles, self-marketing skills and healthy choices.  All participants engage in one three-hour community service project.  Parents of participants are encouraged to partner with youth by attending orientation, attending Parenting on Purpose (P.O.P.) sessions and closing events

Implement principles of strong character.

Addressing fighting and bullying issues.

Knowing purpose, understanding values, demonstrating discipline, understanding the benefits of delayed gratification, and the risks associated with pre-marital sex.

Community service project targeted to reinforce the impact of student involvement and serving others.

Learning business etiquette, customer service skills, and developing a work ethic that employers admire.

Personal finance development covering money management, building wealth, investing, and staying debt free.

Designed for parents - Peer Support Specialist working with families to develop the skills needed to change the trajectory of students and their families. Family stability is a crucial factor to student success. We address students and their family from a holistic approach. Workshops offer the information and support needed for families to make the necessary lifestyle changes that support student success.