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Character Development Programs

Character education and life skills for small groups in schools and various youth programs. This program uses Life On Point and Teach One Lead One both evidence based curriculum delivered by trained great communicators that know how to keep youth engaged and provoke excitement about learning .This program is intensely focused on “renewing the minds” of youth to assist with building the character and leadership skills of students and preparing them for graduation and their future careers.

Life on Point

  • Academics

  • Leadership

  • Life Skills

  • Vision

  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices

  • Avoidance of Risky Behaviors

Life on Point features a teen- centered curriculum encompassing topics that range from managing emotions and boundary setting to dating, addiction, and actualizing one’s potential. On Point facilitators incorporate fundamental life skills to address pressing issues such as puberty, decision making, standard- setting, peer and media influences, healthy relationships, STDs and pregnancy. Developed from more than fifteen years of listening to teens, the program cultivates teen’s individual internal strengths and encourages whole person development. The curricula teach teens how to avoid a broad spectrum of adolescent risky behaviors by nurturing those strengths that lead youth to THRIVE.

Teach One to Lead One

  • Universal Principals*Humility

  • Respect* Integrity*Team Work

  • Compassion*Responsibility

  • Self-Control*Excellence

  • Enthusiasm*Courage*Honor

(T1L1) is a philosophy that was born out of the need to help young people stay away from destructive choices and develop positive habits which will help them grow into responsible citizens.